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Uncollected Cavell


Among Stanley Cavell's numerous articles for Critical Inquiry, several remain uncollected and hard-to-find.  We reprint them below in PDF format.


Stanley Cavell, "The Division of Talent

Stanley Cavell, "Response to Tina Modleski" (On Ugly Duckling, Funny Butterfly: Bette Davis and "Now, Voyager")

Stanley Cavell, "Benjamin and Wittgenstein: Signals and Affinities"

Stanley Cavell, "Who Disappoints Whom?"




More articles by Stanley Cavell from Critical Inquiry (click each title for a link to our archive on JSTOR; subscription required):


On Makavejev on Bergman

A Reply to John Hollander

North by Northwest

Politics as Opposed to What?

"Freud and Philosophy: A Fragment"

Ugly Duckling, Funny Butterfly: Bette Davis and "Now, Voyager"

Postscript (1989): To Whom it May Concern

Excerpts from Memory



For a complete bibliography of Cavell's writings, click here (OLP & Literary Studies Online).