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Corina Stan

Corina Stan is an assistant professor of English and comparative literature in the English department at Duke University. She is the author of The Art of Distances: Ethical Thinking in Twentieth-Century Literature (2018), and of articles published in Comparative Literature Studies, MLN, Arcadia, English Studies, Contemporary Women's Writing, The European Journal of English Studies, Empedocles, and others. She is currently at work on two book projects. The first examines the oblique history of the twentieth century intimated in historical novels and plays set during the English Civil Wars, the Restoration, and the Glorious Revolution (1630s–1688) and the ways such texts engage in a lucid reexamination of modernity. The second historicizes the anxiety of the "end of culture" in the West, particularly in connection with the long histories of migration and the refugee crisis. At Duke, she is codirector of the Representing Migration Humanities Lab.

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