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Christian Benne

Christian Benne is professor of European literature and intellectual history at University of Copenhagen, where he also founded the research group Thinking the European Republic of Letters (with Sabrina Ebbersmeyer; now with additional directors Christian Høgel and Irina Hron). He is an elected member of the European Academy (Academia Europaea) and the general editor of Orbis Litterarum. He has published widely on European literature and philosophy, including the titles Nietzsche und die historisch-kritische Philologie (2005), Die Erfindung des Manuskripts. Zur Theorie und Geschichte literarischer Gegenständlichkeit (2015), and, coauthored with Christine Abbt, Mit Texten Denken. Eine Literatur-Philosophie (2021). He has further edited and produced scholarly editions of twelve books of the philosophers Richard Hönigswald and Friedrich Schlegel. His work is focused on Scandinavian literature and thought and its entanglement with European intellectual history.

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