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Critical Inquiry is excited to present our Throwback Tuesday and Flashback Friday series. Each Tuesday and Friday, a new essay from the Critical Inquiry archive will open temporarily for all to read and enjoy. Stay tuned and follow us on social media for announcements about when each essay opens.


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Archive List:


Carolyn G. Heilbrun, Marriage and Contemporary Fiction

W. V. Quine, On the Nature of Moral Values

Jacques Derrida, The Law of Genre

Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak, "Draupadi" by Mahasveta Devi

Edward W. Said, Opponents, Audiences, Constituencies, and Community

Ruth Bernard Yeazell, Podsnappery, Sexuality, and the English Novel

Amélie Oksenberg Rorty, Experiments in Philosophic Genre: Descartes' Meditations

Henry Louis Gates, Jr., The "Blackness of Blackness": A Critique of the Sign and the Signifying Monkey

Lawrence Lipking, Aristotle's Sister: A Poetics of Abandonment

Christine FroulaWhen Eve Reads Milton: Undoing the Canonical Economy

Joyce Carol Oats, Artists on Art: Frankenstein's Fallen Angel by Joyce Carol Oates 

Anthony Newcomb, Sound and Feeling

Richard RortyDeconstruction and Circumvention

Jaques Derrida, Racism's Last Word

Eve Kosofsky SedgwickSexualism and the Citizen of the World: Wycherley, Sterne, and Male Homosocial Desire

Zhang Longxi, The Tao and the Logos: Notes on Derrida's Critique of Logocentrism

Stanley Cavell, The Division of Talent

Elizabeth HelsingerClare and the Place of the Peasant Poet

Leo Bersani, "The Culture of Redemption": Marcel Proust and Melanie Klein

Susan Gubar, Representing Pornography: Feminism, Criticism, and Depictions of Female Violation