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Affect: An Exchange

Ruth Ley's Summer 2011 article in our pages, "The Turn to Affect: A Critique," engendered lively debate.  We reprint the original article, with William E. Connolly's response and Leys's reply.  From our Summer 2012 issue we add new responses by Adam Frank and Elizabeth A. Wilson and Charles Altieri and a further reply by Leys.


Ruth Leys, "The Turn to Affect: A Critique"


Critical Responses

Summer 2011
I. William E. Connolly, "The Complexity of Intention"

II. Ruth Leys, "Affect and Intention: A Reply to William E. Connolly"


Summer 2012

I. Adam Frank and Elizabeth A. Wilson, "Like-Minded"

II. Charles Altieri, "Affect, Intentionality, and Cognition: A Response to Ruth Leys

III. Ruth Leys, "Facts and Moods: Reply to My Critics"