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Cassandra Xin Guan

Cassandra Xin Guan is a visiting assistant professor in science, technology, and society at Brown University and a faculty member at the Whitney Museum Independent Study Program. She is currently at work on a screen history of adaptive plasticity, entitled “Maladaptive Media: ‘Life’ and Other Human-Subject Experiments.” This book project contributes to the interdisciplinary theorization of epigenetic adaptation by elucidating the power of audio-visual media in organizing, and simultaneously disorganizing, our adaptive responses to the modified environments of modernity. Intersecting with a 2020 Screen dossier ("Natural Aesthetics") coedited by Guan and Adam O'Brian, her essay, “Critique of Flowers: The Exigency of Life in the Era of Its Technological Reproducibility,” appeared in the winter 2021 issue of October.