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Diarmuid Costello

Diarmuid Costello is Associate Professor (Reader) of Philosophy at the University of Warwick and a previous Chair of the British Society of Aesthetics. Between 2007-2011 he was Co-Director of the AHRC “Aesthetics after Photography” research project and has co-edited three special journal issues on photography: “Photography after Conceptual Art” (Art History, 32.5, 2009), “The Media of Photography” (The Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism, 70:1, 2012) and “Agency and Automatism: Photography as Art since the 1960s” (Critical Inquiry, 38.4, 2012). His articles on aesthetics in post-Kantian German tradition and post-1960s art history and theory have appeared in The Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism, The British Journal of Aesthetics and Critical Inquiry, among others. He is working on two books and an exhibition: On Photography, Aesthetics after Modernism and James Welling Inventory.

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