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John Cayley

John Cayley is a writer, theorist, and maker of language art in networked and programmable media. His poetry, translations, and adaptations were first book published as Ink Bamboo in 1996. In the meantime, he has explored language art in many forms including dynamic and ambient poetry, text generation, transliteral morphing, aestheticized vectors of reading, and transactive synthetic language. One of his more recent works is a skill, The Listeners, for a well-known digital assistant. He now seeks to compose as much for reading in aurality as in visuality, and investigates the ontology of language in the context of philosophically informed practice and research. Professor of Literary Arts at Brown University, Cayley codirects a graduate track in Digital & Cross-disciplinary language art. Selected essays are published in Grammalepsy (2018).

Photo courtesy of Enza García Arreaza.

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