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Carolyn Shread

Carolyn Shread teaches French at Mount Holyoke College and for the past four years has curated a lecture series on The Art of Translation: Poetics, Politics, Practice at Smith College. After earning her undergraduate degree in French and Philosophy at Oxford University, she completed a Masters at Sussex University before coming to the US where she received both her doctorate in French and Francophone Studies and a Masters in Translation Studies at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. Shread has written extensively on her translation of the novel Les Rapaces, by Haitian author Marie Vieux-Chauvet, in addition to publishing several articles in the field of translation theory. As a translator, her area of specialty is scholarly texts. Her ten published translations include four books by Catherine Malabou: Plasticity at the Dusk of Writing: Dialectic, Destruction, Deconstruction (2009); Changing Difference: The Feminine and the Question of Philosophy (2011); Ontology of the Accident: An Essay on Destructive Plasticity (2012); and most recently Before Tomorrow: Epigenesis and Rationality (forthcoming). Shread is assistant editor for Translation: A Transdisciplinary Journal and is on the editorial board of the new Haitian journal Legs et Littérature, in which she has published several articles and interviews. She is also managing editor of the Voix féminines series of the associated LEGS ÉDITION publishing house.