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The Late Derrida

Edited by W. J. T. Mitchell and Arnold I. Davidson


W. J. T. Mitchell

Dead Again


Vincent B. Leitch

Late Derrida: The Politics of Sovereignty


J. Hillis Miller

Derrida Enisled


W. J. T. Mitchell

Picturing Terror: Derrida's Autoimmunity


Rodolphe Gasché

European Memories: Jan Patočka and Jacques Derrida on Responsibility


Frances Ferguson

Jacques Derrida and the Critique of the Geometrical Mode: The Line and the Point


Stephen Melville

"Allô? Allô?"


Geoffrey Hartman

Homage to Glas


Freddy Tellez and Bruno Mazzoldi

The Pocket-Size Interview with Jacques Derrida


Hélène Cixous

Jacques Derrida as a Proteus Unbound


Michael Fried

Three Poems


Lorenzo Fabbri

Philosophy as Chance: An Interview with Jean-Luc Nancy


Jacques Derrida

A Certain Impossible Possibility of Saying the Event


Jacques Derrida

Final Words

  • The Late Derrida, edited by W. J. T. Mitchell and Arnold Davidson.

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