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Kill Me If You Wish To

Professor, curator, and documentary filmmaker Ariella Azoulay discusses the three moments when someone steps forward and cries "kill me if you wish to” - Pende rebellion 1931, Stephane Charbonier (Charlie Hebdo) and Zakary Zubeide (in 2001).  From these three moments she reconstructs a struggle between the Western modality of producing art (objects of critical inquiry) - and other modalities that Zubeide and the Pende people recur to in these volatile moments when their life is threatened. In continuation with her potential history argument, Azoulay argues that imperial violence is the common out of which action and interactions with each other should be conceived.


Presented by the Neubauer Collegium for Culture and Society, Critical InquiryArt HistoryDOVA, and Art and Public Life.