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WB202: The Critical Inquiry Podcast

Critical Inquiry presents WB202: The Critical Inquiry Podcast!

Critical Inquiry is devoted to the best critical thought in the arts and humanities. WB202 expands the mission of the journal with a new platform for emerging and established scholars, critics, and artists to discuss the critical concerns of the past, present, and future.


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WB202 Episodes

Episode 1: The Birth of CI
Editor W. J. T. Mitchell describes the origins of the journal.

Episode 2: Defining the Digital
Executive Editor Patrick Jagoda interviews Alexander Galloway.

Episode 3: Experiments in Critical Practice 
Coeditor Lauren Berlant talks to participants of "The Soup Is On."

Episode 4: Saidiya Hartman
An Interview with Adrienne Brown and Adom Getachew.

Episode 5: Dipesh Chakrabarty
Looking Back to “The Climate of History: Four Theses.”

Episode 6: Arnold I. Davidson
Part 1 of an interview Richard Neer.

Episode 7: Arnold I. Davidson
Part 2 of an interview Richard Neer.

Episode 8: Catherine Malabou
On life and her work.

Episode 9: Bruno Latour and Dipesh Chakrabarty
On climate change.

Episode 10: All That Heaven Allows
Robert Pippin and Tom Gunning discuss Douglass Sirk.

Episode 11: Tales of the 1940s
A Conversation between Werner Sollors and Françoise Meltzer.

Episode 12: CI since 1978
A Conversation with Homi Bhabha, Frances Ferguson,  Elizabeth Abel, Lauren Berlant, Slavoj Žižek, and Hillary Chute.

Episode 13: Video Games
A Discussion with Patrick Jagoda, Soraya Murray, and Noah Wardrip-Fruin.